Environment, Health & Safety

Mangalam Alloys Ltd. has a ‘Zero Discharge’ unit in the factory that effectively removes chemical compounds that can harm the environment. All the waste from the factory is treated in custom-made effluent treatment & zero discharge plants. Methods of recycling, re-use and reduction of wastes are effectively addressed.

We honor the places where we do business by endeavoring to become the foremost industrial name in preserving ecology, a corporation that cherishes nature and restores the environment. To attain our objectives we have indigenously developed processes and equipments that either reduce or completely eliminate pollution.

We strive to provide an injury-free work environment. All the production equipments are designed to meet our stringent safety requirements and standards. A regular computerized maintenance of all equipments ensures minimization of equipments failures and accidents.


Mangalam Group is committed to provide the leadership and resources for a Health and Safety Program that protects its workers from adverse exposures to hazards and prevents occupational injuries and illnesses. Since our manpower is trained in first -aid and safety drills we are well equipped to face & avert any unforeseen medical emergency.