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Bright Bars

High Quality & Performance

Mangalam Alloys produces Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic, Free Machining Stainless steels, Hot Work Tool Steels in the form of Flats and Straight Length Black and Bright round bars.

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Bright Round Bars

Diameter 5mm to 130mm
Length 3.0 to 7.5 Meters
Straightness 0.5mm / Meter
Tolerance h8, h9, h11, h12
Condition As Rolled/Peeled/Ground/Polished
Annealed/Cold Drawn/Ground/Polished
Finish Centreless Ground and Polished
Capacity 6000 TPA

Inspected and tested quality black round bars are peeled/cold drawn, centralized ground, polishing and straightened to achieve narrow, dimension, tolerance and surface finishing meeting national and international quality of Bright Bars.

Bright Forged Round Bars

Size 135mm to 400mm
Proof machined Forged Round Bars
Length 2.5 Meter to 5 Meter

Various grade of forged round bars are from bottom poured forging quality Ingots. As high quality ingots is a input material for steam hammer. Quality forged round bars result into higher quality of forged round bar by proper monitoring controlled of temperature during and after forging together with sufficient enough reduction ratio. This ensures proper micro structure and internal soundness of forged round bars. They are then heat treated like solution annealing oil hardening and temperature soft annealing normalizing as applicable to achieve desired physical and mechanical properties of forged round bar can be proof machine up to + / – 0.5 mm tolerance.

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