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Precision Shaft Quality (PSQ)

High Quality & Performance

Mangalam Alloys produces Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic, Free Machining Stainless steels, Hot Work Tool Steels in the form of Flats and Straight Length Black and Bright round bars.

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We are one of the leading suppliers of Precision Shaft Quality (PSQ) bars in India.

PSQ bars in stainless steel industries, indicates Turned, Ground & Polished shafting used in Valve, Bearing and Automobile Industries.

PSQ stainless steel bars require very high degree of straightness and outer diameter tolerances are highly precise due to the nature of the bars.

We could achieve the stringent Straightness & Diametric Tolerance with our modern machines after following stringent Peeling, Polishing & Grinding Process.

We offer Following Size Range:

14 mm – 75 mm ( 5/8” – 3”)

Supply Conditions

Length 3 to 6 Meter
Size Tolerances H8, H9
Straightness Tolerance 0.50 mm per meter max
Heat-Treatment Soft annealing, Solution annealing, Quenched & Tempered

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