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Stainless Steel Ingots

High Quality & Performance

Mangalam Alloys produces Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic, Free Machining Stainless steels, Hot Work Tool Steels in the form of Flats and Straight Length Black and Bright round bars.

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Size Weight (Kg)
3″x4 “ 59-63
3.5″ 79-84
4″ 100-105
4.5″ 125-132
5″ 152-162
5.5″ 182-190
6″ 22-250
Size Weight (Kg)
9″x10.5″ 670
11″x13″ 1000-1200
12″x14″ 1200-1800
14″x16″ 1600-2800
18″x21″ 2350-3800
20″x22 2650-4000
21″x23″ 2950-4200

Ingots are available in Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel.

Quality of ingots meet highest quality standard and all hot working application. Ingots are sound with respect to surface quality, internal quality and chemical composition. They can be cast into various length as desirable. The entire ingots meet straighten chemical composition standard meeting national and international quality requirement.

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