Research & Development

Mangalam Alloys is keenly engaged in Research & Development for several Years. It has done pioneering research in recycling of Hazardous waste to extract harmful elements while giving value edition to waste.

It has worked for energy conservation, In-House Machine Development, Non-Conventional Energy Resources.

Through infinite R&D Efforts Mangalam has been able to boost its global presence through Quality Product such as Brightbars and Special Fasteners increasing the Export Value in last few years. We have a pool of talents tied in a chord and their efforts result in benefiting the industry.

In addition to our engineering efforts , we believe to Protect environment by Development of Waste Processing Technologies which in turn makes it more Eco-Friendly Industry.

Our In-house R&D center has been awarded recognition by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

This is one of Prestigious and Unique Distinction, first of its kind in Stainless steel Integrated Process Industry.

In the inspirational Light of Shree Uttam Mehta, who lead the R&D center of Mangalam Alloys have vision of Zero Waste, Zero Discharge, Optimized Energy Use and Continuous Cost Reduction through Kaizen approach.